Halloween on a Monday.

This year Halloween falls on a Monday night, along with game 3 of the Phillies World Series Games! Kids will be trick or treating while others will be more focused on the Phillies winning. Due to the game some Halloween parties have gotten switched to Host the Phillies.

The weather may cause an issue. There are possible rain storms heading to the area late afternoon. The rain could cause a delay in the game, and sadness for the trick or treaters.

The most controversial Halloween Costume this year.

There are a number of Dahmer costumes circulating after the release of Netflixs Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Some online retailers are prohibiting them. TikTok tag jeffrey dahmer costume has 8 billion views alone.

Relatives of actual victims have spoken out about the exploitation of their real-life tragedies. And now an influx of costumed Dahmers may soon be wreaking havoc on Halloween. But in the words of Jeff Dahmer were gonna party, party hardy.


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